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Accessories for
Roller Shutters and Blinds


Accessories for Mosquito Nets.


Third-Party Production

cs plast is a GREEN company

A company of reference in plastic material molding

CS Plast is a company specialized in plastic material molding, primarily operating in the field of roller shutters, blinds, and mosquito nets.

With a decade of experience in the sector, CS Plast is now a leading company in plastic material molding.


high manufacturing standard

Molding of plastic materials for roller shutters, blinds, and mosquito nets

Punctuality in deliveries, high product quality, and availability represent the working standard that CS Plast offers to its customers on a daily basis

What we offer

molding and contract manufacturing

In addition to molding its own products, CS Plast also specializes in the production of specific parts for third parties: designing custom solutions, supporting the customer through all phases of design and molding


On-time deliveries

Punctuality in deliveries, both in Italy and abroad, along with high production quality, represent CS Plast's standard of operation

Third-Party Manufacturing

CS Plast also specializes in the production of specific parts for third parties, designing customized solutions, and guiding the customer through all stages of design and molding


The majority of production waste is ground up and reused in the everyday production process. Cs Plast Srl is an environmentally conscious, green company that fights against waste

Material delivery in a few days

High product quality at competitive prices

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