Plastic molding

CS Plast is a young and dynamic company

CS Plast traces its roots to the fifty-year experience of its founder, Sebastiano Castellani, whose entrepreneurial initiative made it possible for the company to become what it is today.

CS Plast is a plastic molding company (specializing in materials such as polyamides, polystyrenes, ABS, acetate resins, and polypropylene) primarily operating in the field of shutters, blinds, and mosquito nets.


Custom solutions

Contract manufacturing

In addition to molding its own products, CS Plast also specializes in the production of custom components for third parties. They create tailored solutions, assisting the client throughout the design and molding phases.

Punctuality in deliveries, high product quality, and responsiveness are the standard of operation that CS Plast provides to its customers on a daily basis.


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